MAICON Electrical Pty Ltd, formerly GH Gilbert Electrical was established in 1986. In 2009 they began down a path of strategic organisational and service sector change. In 2011 CONWAY partnered with Maicon to visually strengthen the newly re-positioned organisation.

MAICON realised that in order to capitalise on new opportunities in fast-growing areas it needed to show customers a reliable, dependable and more contemporary face that reflected its reputation for quality work, being professional, friendly and safe.

We created a new visual identity to clearly communicate Maicon’s aspirations in a new era. The visual identity, creative assets and colour palette developed for the growing brand represent the company’s enthusiasm for connective electrical services that aim to benefit Australian businesses and individuals.

Today MAICON continues to be an exemplary, highly accredited Australian business playing a critical role in civil, mining, infrastructure and residential projects.