With an ambition to change workplace management through integrated cloud-based applications enableHR continues to retain CONWAY as a consultant and developer of it’s branded assets and communications pieces – be they digital or physical.

enableHR has been developing its award-winning platform for over 7 years. With built-in intelligence, flexibility and an easy-to-use interface, its first-in-class product, enables users to better manage HR with the comfort of full legal compliance.

When a strategic decision was taken to build a partner network enableHR came to us to work with them to strengthen their channel strategy which allows professional service practitioners to offer their clients rich business insights and improved practices using the enableHR system. The partner channel is now enableHR’s fastest growth area and a continued focus for growth.

In 2012/13 enableHR sought our assistance for the design and implementation of their inaugural Business Partner Conference Рthis engagement saw us develop digital invitations, marketing pieces, signage and visual screen support.

Today enableHR continues to develop and grow its position as Australia’s best cloud based HR solution, recently partnered with Xero, enableHR now boasts over 6000 SME Business, Enterprise, Franchise and Association users.