We recently caught up with our friend Frankie Ratford of the wonderful The Design Kids, a platform for fresh design professionals to connect with the industry.

Following some banter and a few ciders to boot, we were invited to contribute to The Design Kids “Threesome” show, in equal measures an investigation into creative collaboration & a celebration of the initiative’s third year in the works.


We were paired with Olivia King and Diana Zyliene, a student and design graduate respectively, and asked to develop a piece of work based on three words we were passionate about. The work would be placed in Surry Hills as part of an arts treasure hunt during the Vivid festival.


After a team meeting and some consideration, we decided to produce a piece titled “Where to Next?”, reflecting our desire to produce progressive design outcomes, as well as referencing the treasure hunt format of the show.

Our collaborative piece was a manifestation of our process. An exploration of materials, functionality and playfulness, the finished work employed a lightbox component, with contrasting textures & consistent hot pink binding the piece together.